One thing is for certain; there will always be criminals committing crimes. As long as these crimes are being committed there will be a need for someone to collect the evidence. A crime scene investigator will gather things like strands of hair, blood and fingerprints. This evidence is critical and it has to be properly handled. If the above description excites you then you may want to look in to becoming a CSI. A Crime Scene Investigator salary is good and the working conditions are not the same everyday. This article will examine this field of employment. I know it looks like all fun and games on TV but we will look at real life items like how much money this profession pays and what kind of environment does the job entail.

Crime Scene Investigator Salary Information:
A crime scene investigator salary will vary on many things including education, experience, who you work for and where you live. The wages can range from 30,000 dollars to almost 100,000 dollars. The hours are often long but you will generally be paid for overtime.

Crime Scene Investigator Education Requirements:

To be marketable you will need a four-year degree in a good criminal justice program. Some jobs require less but you will most likely need a degree to do well. To help you get ready for this type of job you may want to consider an internship with your local police department. You cannot beat hands on experience.
Crime Scene Investigator Work Environment:
This job is not always in the comfort of an office. You will have to go wherever the crimes are committed. This often involves going to the worst parts of town You will have to work in all kinds of conditions in all kinds of weather, so you need to keep that in mind when deciding if this career is right for you. You will have to work irregular hours that often include both nights and weekends.
A crime scene investigator will need to be very detail minded and have a desire to make the world a better place. You will be directly involved in convicting criminals and getting them off the street. Your job will be getting to the bottom of things and finding the truth. There can be a lot of satisfaction with this job and things change enough day to day that it is unlikely you will get bored. A crime scene investigator salary can make you a comfortable living and all in all could be a very rewarding career choice.

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